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When it comes to bridal hairstyles, the possibilities are endless. From buns to braids, updos to pin-ups, there are so many variations to consider it may seem overwhelming.  However, the best salons in New Hampshire are here to help. In this article, our team has rounded up their all-time favorite wedding hairstyles to help spark some ideas for your journey.  As you adventure through these beautiful wedding looks, remember to keep in mind the overall feel of your wedding. For example, a black-tie wedding calls for a clean, smooth, and elegant look, whereas a backyard barbeque allows for a more relaxed look.


Low Chignon

A classic look for any wedding, the low chignon is simple yet elegant. Brushed back or parted, your hair is pulled into a low lying bun (chignon, meaning nape of the neck). However, you can personalize the style with braids, and other variations of twists as the hair come together.


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Romantic Updos with Flowers

If low buns aren’t quite your style, but you want the pulled-back look, consider a variation of updos.  From twists to curls, the updo is perfect for any wedding.  For a more casual look, consider a slightly messy bun with wisps of hair loosely placed. For a more formal updo, your design will be tight and smooth.  Either way, adding fresh flowers always shouts romance.


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Low Curls with Tiara

Nothing quite says The Princess as a tiara matched by tight curls.  This low lying pony is filled with elegance as curls are pinned, twisted, and held into place with a formal yet causal feel. 


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Side Braid with a Twist

There’s something timeless about a side braid, loosely sweeping the frame of your face to come together at the nape of the neck with gently placed curls.  For an extra touch, consider adding a hairpiece to the base of the braid above the bun.


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Low Bun with Top Part

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is dramatic yet clean, then this style is for you.  With a loose side part on the top, hair is swept into a tight, low lying bun.  However, this style gives a softer feel with strands of curls left to frame the face.


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Long and Curly

If you’re rocking the long hair and he loves it, then flaunt it! Whether natural or strategically placed, long curls are one of the most romantic styles a bride can wear.  Combined with flowers, pins, and tiaras, you’re sure to be turning heads as you walk down the aisle.


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When it comes to your wedding day hair, only the best salons in New Hampshire should make the cut.  At Aidan James Salon, we have a team of innovative professionals that can help bring your visions to life. Contact us today to schedule your wedding day consultation (603) 598-0795.