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Although spring manicures and pedicures are a must-have for most ladies, this year is proving to be a bit challenging in getting to your favorite salon! More so for those of you with dip and gel nail polish that requires monthly maintenance. As much as we may want to hang onto our manicured nails right now, it’s inevitable that we’ll need to remove our polish. 

Thus, we face another challenge.  Safely removing polishes that generally require professional efforts.  However, our team is here to save the day with a few helpful DIY tips on polish removal. We’ll provide you a brief overview of removing different types of polishes without damaging your nails.  It’s important to remember that every brand is made a bit differently – so while we’re providing you a guideline, actual removal times may vary.



Gel especially can prove challenging when attempting removal at home.  This is because there are so many variations and not all removal techniques work depending on the polish’s formula.  While some formulas remove in five minutes, others may take a half-hour.  Patience is key!

Begin by buffing the topcoat with a file.  Next, you’ll want to place an acetone-soaked cotton ball on each fingernail, wrapping in foil to hold the cotton ball in place. You can also soak your nail in a bowl of acetone, but proceed with caution. Acetone can damage your skin, so we’d recommend avoiding this method if possible.

Once your gel begins to flake off, gently use your file to scrape off the pieces.  If the polish is still stuck to your nail, repeat the soaking process.  Remember, your goal is to smooth the nail bed, so buffing as gently as possible is crucial.



Again, acrylic nails are very similar to dip powder.  The main difference in the removal process is the time (and patience) it takes to gently and completely remove the product from your natural nail.  Another mentionable is if you have tips on your nail.

Once the overlying polish is removed, you’ll want to clip your tip down to the natural length.  While some tips remove easily, others may not.  Tips are generally adhered to the natural nail with glue and will fall off by soaking them in warm soapy water. However, if your tip is stubborn, you’re better off letting it be.  Ripping a tip off will surely rip your natural nail off along with it. 

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Now that you’re nails are bare, be sure to apply conditioning drops, oil, and any other nail rescue or strengthening product you have on hand.  This will ensure your nails are in top condition for those summertime manicures and pedicures that are bound to happen!

When life returns to normal, remember our team at Aidan James Salon is here to help you with all of your beauty needs!