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Although ice blonde is the hottest trend this summer, it may not be right choice for you.  There are several considerations to be taking into account before jumping into the world of blonde.  Elements such as complexion, hair condition, and your current hair color are major factors in deciding which blonde is best for you.  Not sure if you’re meant to be blonde? Visit the best salon in Nashua, NH for expert advice. Aiden James Salon.

Simply defined, blonding is as the act of dyeing ones hair blonde.  Recently, the world of celebrities have taken storm with jaw-dropping transformations.  Although a few have gone from extreme dark to ice blonde; it’s not a recommended change for the average person.  

Katy Perry

For instance, America’s beloved Katy Perry took her brown locks to ice blonde on her debut of American Idol.  With many people not recognizing the star, Katy is rocking the color along with her pixie cut.

Cara Delevinge

Sporting a super-close crop, Cara Delevinge, transformed into the Ice Queen at Couture Fashion Week in Paris.  The edgy model/actress told media she did it, “just for fun.”

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Kylie Jenner

Another ice blonde debut was revealed at New York’s Fashion Week.  Although many say she’s following in her sister’s shadow, Kylie Jenner made her appearance with a new ice blonde cropped style.

Grace Kelly

Speaking of iconic, it would be wrong to not mention Grace Kelly.  Timeless and known for her platinum bob, Grace Kelly is a classic icon paving the way for many style trends to come.

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Sophie Turner

Okay, back to the current times.  One just has to mention Sophie Turner, otherwise known as Sansa Stark.  As millions watched Sansa and her fiery red luscious locks, she took people by surprise when she stepped out at the Cannes Film Festival as a blonde.  Hardly recognizable, but always gorgeous.

Gwen Stefani

Ahead of the current trend, Gwen has been rocking luscious locks for several years.  In a classic look, Gwen Stefani has created an iconic image similar to that of Marilyn Monroe.

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The list goes on and on when it comes to famous blonde looks.  If you’re considering following trend, check out the best salon in Nashua, NH for expert blonding advice, Aidan James Salon on Amherst Street.  Visit us online to checkout how our team of experts can help you transform your look.