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Spring and summer are often the seasons that send many of us scrambling to the salon.  Our overlooked and neglected toes and fingers have us desperately in need of pedicures and manicures before exposure to the outside world.  Lucky for you, Aidan James Salon has the team of professionals perfect for your pedi or manicure in Nashua, NH.  From the latest trends to the hottest styles, we have your nails covered.



One of the trendiest manicures of 2019, is the rainbow manicure.  Although the look may seem intimidating to pull off, with the right selection of colors, you’ll have people handing compliments left and right.  So how does one choose five colors when the task of selecting one can be overwhelming? The key this season is to stay light. Soft hues and pastel palettes will keep your look fresh and invigorating.



Similarly, for those seeking a softer option this summer, neutrals are back.  From soft peach shades to nudes and caramel tones, there are no more excuses when it comes to painting your nails.  If you’re the type of individual who doesn’t like their nails to stand out, yet wants to stay in trend, this manicure has your name all over it!



However, if you’re more of the bold type when it comes to nail fashion, two-toned nails are for you.  A fun, trendy way to experiment with color, the possibilities are endless. For instance, choosing one color for the nail and another for the tip will create a dynamic statement.  Whether you prefer muted or bright, bold or nude, the combinations are only limited by your imagination.


Shine Baby

Whichever color palette you decide to explore, make them shiny! High-shine nails, from metallics to glitter, have been spotted on the red carpet.  However, this trend needs to be taken lightly. With a smooth application, you can ensure a potentially childish look is anything but what you’re sporting around town.



Yes, you read that right.  Opposite of the other trends this summer, dark nails are in.  Often a fall/winter color, the addition of high-gloss finishes keeps this look chic.


If your nails require some TLC this season, visit Aidan James.  From pedicures to manicures, Nashua NH has never looked this good.  Our team of experts look forward to making your nails fabulous before they’re exposed to friends and family!  Visit us online to book your appointment, or call the salon at (603) 598-0795.