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Now the NH hair coloring is well underway; it’s time to start paying attention to other highly neglected areas.  For example, your summer feet.  Spring and summer are the seasons for open-toed shoes, but this year is proving to be a bit of an eyesore. Pedicures are a must come the warm weather. Whether you remain at home, or your stopping into your favorite nail salon, we’re asking that you please don’t neglect your toes! And why would you with these cute 2020 summer trends?

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Marshmallow White

While stuck at home, many of us have enjoyed family pastimes more than ever.  For instance, sitting out by the fire during the beautiful spring evenings is fun for both adults and children.  However, it’s time to transfer the marshmallows from the sticks to your nails. 

Pure white toes (and fingers) are in this year, and they look amazing against your tan skin! Match your toes with natural toned sandals or bright pops of color; it doesn’t matter! When it comes to white nails in the summer, you can’t go wrong.

Poolside Blue

While many vacations have been postponed, the crystal clear blue waters are making their appearance in pedicures.  Light blue, aqua, and teals with hints of green are all inspired by the relaxing beachside days that we’re holding close to our hearts.  Strut your love of the sea this year with soft seaside blue toes.

Watermelon Weekends

What better way to yell “I love summer” than by rocking the watermelon color scheme.  Bright pinks and lime greens either solo or combined make, in our opinion, for some of the most fun summer pedicures!

Noir or Rosé?

While deep shades of black are probably the last color you’d think to reach for during the summer, they’re making a huge statement this year. Exuding confidence, midnight toes are perfectly complimented with a bit of sparkle or nail art.  However, if you’re not quite the noir type, you’re in luck.  Pale pinks, or shall we say rosé, is also trending!

So, which will be, noir or rosé?

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When it comes to NH hair coloring and pedicures, Aidan James Salon has you covered.  From head to toe (literally), our team of experienced professionals can bring your at home looking days to an end.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment (603) 598-0795

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