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We get it, we promise. While salons across the country were mandated to close, many of you went ahead with a little DIY at-home NH hair coloring. However, now that the deed is done, you may be realizing just how much you truly love your stylist! In this article, we’re taking a look a some of the most common at-home coloring mistakes made!


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Bleach is not your friend

Spring and summer are the two biggest seasons for hair lightening. However, if you grabbed that bleach, we’re going to assume you’re more than regretting that decision. With luck, you achieved the lightness you were looking for without a green hue. With more luck, you didn’t damage your hair beyond repair.

The best way to repair bleach damage is to head into your favorite salon for a trim (or cut) to remove the damage. Your stylist can also recommend products to help repair damage.


Timing is everything

It’s easy to misjudge the timing when trying to achieving the perfect color, especially with at-home distractions. If your timing was not long enough, you might end up with hot roots (see below). On the other hand, if you left the color on too long, your roots may be too dark.  No matter what, don’t try to lighten your roots! Head over to Aidan James Salon for a little professional TLC to get your color just right!


Your roots are not okay

While some of you went and colored your hair because you needed a change, many more were hiding those dreadful gray roots. However, the biggest mistake when having a go at the grays is applying the color in one swoop. Sound familiar? If so, your roots are probably looking a whole different color then the rest of your hair.

Another common occurrence is called hot roots. This coloring oops happens when the color you select is lighter or contains more red than the current color of your hair. What you’re left with, some variation of orange lining your scalp.


The color is not what you expected

Whether too dark or too light, it’s hard to judge a book by its cover. Or, should we say a color by the box? There are several factors that go into achieving the desired color. For example, the current condition of your hair, the texture, and the color all determine how a color will hold. Often, your stylist will combine one or more colors to customize a blend that will result in exactly what you’re looking for.

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No matter what the situation may be, our team is here to help fix it! As the premier salon for NH hair coloring, the stylists at Aidan James Salon know exactly what your color needs.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment (603) 598-0795.