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For those born with luscious curly locks, daily cursing may be part of the morning routine. However, Aidan James is here to save the stress from here on out! Whether hair coloring has caused damaged or it is a matter of an unruly mane, plopping is the technique you’ve been searching for.

While many of you may have figured out the sweet spot to defined curls, for others, the struggle is real. Lucky for you, our experts are here to explain that perfect spot. You know, the precise timing plopped somewhere in between the wet and dry stages of your hair? No? Well then, you’ll definitely want to keep reading.


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What is plopping?


Simply put, plopping is a new term for a very old technique otherwise referred to as towel drying. Yes, the secret has been revealed. However, nothing can be that simple.

Meant for curly or wavy hair, plopping is just that – precisely plopping your wet locks into a towel or t-shirt and rolling the material on the top of your head. Requiring a mere 10-20 minutes and no heat, this effortless routine helps define and keep your frizz at bay.


It begins with the wash.


What many of our curly-haired friends don’t realize is that brushing is meant for in the shower. With a wide-tooth comb, gently brush your conditioned hair in the shower. Once you’re done, the only time you’ll want to fuss with your hair is when you gently apply your favorite product to define your spirals further.



Hair coloring damage.


We feel it’s important to take a moment to focus on coloring damage. All too often, at home hair coloring or improper techniques leave behind damage. With curly hair, one of the biggest problems is dry, broken locks. Damage will uncertainly lead to frizz. So, while plopping is an amazing technique, if you have damage, be sure to start there first! If you’re not sure how to go about restoring your hair, be sure to visit our experts at Aidan James for trusted tips.



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Okay, let’s get back to plopping.


Assuming our hair is healthy and hydrated, combed in the shower, and ready for plopping – let’s move on. Using a towel, flip your hair upside down and place it in the center of the towel. Wrap, twist, and tuck. If you have a microfiber towel, these tend to work best by significantly reducing drying times.


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Once you remove the towel, you should have curl perfection! Gently apply your product and leave it alone! In no time, you’ll be left with beautiful, frizz-free locks that have heads turning!



For more information on hair coloring damage and how to bring your hair back to a healthy state, contact Aidan James today to schedule your appointment! (603) 598-0795.