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With things shifting a bit in the world, many people are gearing up for vacation season again. So exciting, we agree! However, as experts in nails and toes, our team at Aidan James also understands that this means revealing some possibly seriously neglected toes. Enter the NH pedicure. You need one, we promise.

With a regular pedicure schedule, you’ll not only have the prettiest feet around this summer, but you can obtain health benefits! Yes, you read that right. There are health benefits in scheduling regular pedicures. You’re welcome.



  • Relieves tension.

Just like a massage, pedicures have been shown to reduce stress. And we all certainly have a lot of that these days! There are several pressure or trigger points in the foot. In fact, there is a spot on your foot for nearly every area and organ in your body. So, when you leave your feet to the experts, you can rest assured that your tensions will melt away.


  • Increases blood circulation.

Similarly, any time you massage your body, blood flow to the area is stimulated. Increased blood flow helps to reduce pain, arthritis, and increase heat throughout your body. So, if you one of the folks who always has cold feet – it’s time to schedule your NH pedicure and stop the suffering!


  • They also improve the overall health of your nails.

On the subject of blood flow, did you know that increased blood flow also increases the flow of nutrients? If you think about it, it makes sense. So, for those toes way down there, a pedicure is the best way to provide them with the nutrients they need for healthy growth!


  • Pedicures are good for your mental health too.

This past year has been a tough one for many people. Getting out, soaking up some vitamin D, and feeling good about yourself is always good for the soul! However, if you pop on those sandals and neglect your feet, you may find yourself worrying way too much about them! Save yourself the heartache and always take the time to make those toes pretty – vacation or no vacation!


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Don’t let neglected feet ruin your vacation, schedule your NH pedicure with Aidan James Salon today! Vacation season is quickly approaching, call our team today at (603) 598-0795.