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Today, August 21st is National Brazilian Blowout Day, and our stylists love blowouts! As the premier hair salon in Amherst and Nashua, we thought we’d take this time to highlight the blowout, it’s benefits, and why you need an appointment today!

What is a blowout?

To begin, we need to start with the multiple references concerning the word blowout. Traditionally, a blowout is an amazing way to tame your hair! This hairstyling service often refers to the art of drying your hair after a wash with a dryer and round brush.  A blowout results in volume and a sleek shine that lasts for days when executed properly. All without the use of damaging flat and curling irons!

However, a Brazilian blowout is an entirely separate beast. This smoothing treatment generally involves specialized protein-based products to provide a semi-permanent result. Customizable and protective, this type of blowout eliminates frizz and hours of daily styling.  A Brazilian blowout typically lasts anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks with proper at-home care and maintenance.  

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The benefits

Although there’s been some hoopla around the Brazilian blowout, we promise there is an upside! Let’s start with the desirable ingredients of acai berry, annatto seed, and camu camu. Hair loss reduction with increased overall health and shine are just two of the many benefits of these natural ingredients.

Using a plant protein-based treatment, the Brazilian blowout coats the hair and seals the cuticle to reduce volume and curl. To many people, these are desirable features. However, to those who fight to tame their hair every day, the blowout is a game changer. And the benefits don’t stop there. After the treatment is complete, not only is there a dramatic visual change and increased manageability, but the shine – oh my! Intense shine on controlled hair – now that’s a look we all strive to achieve.

However, we should mention that the Brazilian blowout is designed for all types and textures of hair, even fine hair. Because the treatment is customizable, your stylist can adjust the product to the perfect levels eliminating the fear of “too flat” hair.

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Hydration, frizz control, insane shine, and a higher resistance to heated styling products – what more could you ask for?

At Aidan James Salon, our team of stylists specialize and love both conventional and Brazilian blowouts. If you’re not sure which is best for your desired result, contact our hair salon today to schedule a consultation.

Call (603) 598-0795 or click here to schedule your appointment through our online system.