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Not all of us have been blessed with a thick, luxurious head of hair.  But that’s okay! Here at your favorite hair salon in NH, Aidan James, we have the expertise to work with any hair type.  Always on top of the latest trends, our team of stylists will provide you with expert recommendations on which hairstyles may work best for your thin hair.  Here are a few of our favorites!

Long Bangs

Even though you may find some stylists that are opposed to bangs for those individuals with thin hair, we love them.  However, we’re not talking about the third-grade mommy chopped my hair bangs. To successfully pull off bangs without the chance of them looking butchered or stringy, you’ll want to think long.  A long swoop that accentuates the length of face versus the across the forehead look will create the perfect blend. Plus, this look helps to disguise a thinning hairline.

Pixie Cut

It’s a fact that shorter hair tends to be stronger than longer hair.  Thus, if you cut your hair to a fun, flirty pixie style cut, you can gain a world of benefits.  Not only will your hair look healthier, but it will also look thicker than it really is. Your stylist can add in layers if you’re aiming for a more trendy or edgy look.  Plus, with products such as KMS Hair Add Volume, you’ll be improving your hair structure for an overall healthy, touchable, shine.

Blunt Cut

If you’re looking for a style a bit longer in length than the pixie, considering a blunt cut may be your solution.  A blunt cut is best executed with shoulder-length hair as it will make your hair appear thicker. However, you’ll want to avoid too much layering with this one as it could give your hair the opposite effect of what you’re aiming for, leaving your ends to look extremely thinned out and stingy.

Deep side parts

Now that you have the perfect cut from your favorite hair salon in NH, you’re heading home and feeling like a million dollars.  Then the inevitable happens. A few days have passed, your beautifully styled hair has been washed and is staring you down in the mirror, daring you to accomplish what your stylist did.

Our suggestion for you beyond salon-quality products is a deep side part.  This look is easy to accomplish and will add the appearance of volume to any haircut.  With the majority of your hair pushed to one side, you will be creating an illusion of volume while lifting the hair from its roots.

For more tips on which hairstyle may be best for you, stop by Aidan James today.  We have a team of expert stylists that is here to help! As one of the best hair salons in NH, you can have peace of mind that you’ll leave feeling beautiful.  Make your appointment today by calling (603) 598-0795.