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With the changing of seasons in New England, it’s time to start thinking about pampering yourself.  With fall comes back to school, schedule changes, climate changes, and so on. What does all of that mean? Stress! With a visit to Aidan James Salon, you can experience one of our signature facials in Nashua, NH that are sure to revive not only your skin but your senses! This article covers just a few reasons why you should consider stopping in.

Your skin needs it

Facials are known for their rejuvenating elements.  This element is especially important with any change of season; especially the fall and winter.  The warmer months tend to nourish our skin with several nutrients that the cold weather takes away.  Whether your skin is dry and peeling, or red and sore, a signature facial can help balance and rehydrate overworked skin.  Your esthetician will create a combination of superior products perfectly designed to bring you back into balance.

Besides, a facial will help remove those harmful leftovers of summer sun exposure.  Not only will a facial provide that fresh glow you’ve been seeking, but it also will exfoliate away any dead skin cells.  Thus, you can be sure you’ll walk away feeling bright, refreshed, and ready for the day!

Your mind needs it

There’s something to be said about stress-reduction.  When stress hits, small or intense, it can wreak havoc on our bodies.  By setting aside the time for self-care, you will provide your mind and body the nourishment it needs.  Now we’re not only talking about the immediate nourishment to your skin, but to your mind and soul as well.  As you sit back and relax for an hour, let your worries fade away.

Start the season out right and give Aidan James a call today.  Whether you’re looking for a signature facial or want to try one of our deluxe facials in Nashua, NH, we have the treatment your mind and body have been craving.  Schedule your appointment by calling 603.598.0795. Don’t forget to ask about our fall specials!