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hair extensions Nashua NH


Have you wondered if you should finally go to the salon for hair extensions in Nashua, NH? From experimenting with length or color without the commitment, hair extensions can be for anyone! Let’s help you reach your ultimate #hairgoals. There are plenty of reasons to invest in hair extensions — the experts at Aidan James Salon are here to lay them out for you.


You want longer hair.


So, either you either cut your hair shorter than you would have liked, or it seems like your hair won’t grow past a certain length. No issue, since both of these things can be fixed with hair extensions! In only minutes, you can finally reach the desired length you’ve been looking for. We understand that sometimes, no matter how patient or gentle you are with your hair, it just doesn’t want to grow past a certain point!


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Experiment with a new color. 


Tired of coloring your hair the same color or want to try something different without fully committing? Hair extensions are going to be your best friend here! You can try out balayage or ombre hair trends without damaging your hair. How easy is that? Plus, if you decide that the look isn’t for you, the hair extensions can be removed.


Add some extra oomph.


Flat, thin hair can be challenging to volumize sometimes. But with the addition of hair extensions, you don’t have to worry about your hair struggles! Many types of extensions are perfect for adding volume and length to those with thinner hair while still maintaining a natural look and feel. Perfect!


hair extensions Nashua NH


What we offer for hair extensions in Nashua, NH.


Here at our salon, we offer three different types of hair extensions. They’re ideal for anyone looking to add length, volume, or natural-looking highlights to their hair!


  • Tape-In Extensions
  • Keratin-Bonded Extensions
  • Hand-Tied Wefts


Aidan James Salon


If you’ve been looking for expert hair extensions in Nashua, NH, Aidan James Salon is the place to visit. Our expert hair technicians are ready to help you keep your hair looking the best it can be. To schedule your appointment with Aidan James Salon, contact us at 603.598.0795.