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With the changing of seasons comes the perfect reason to spruce up your style. And, what better way to fault your new look than with a change of color! At Aidan James Salon, our team of professionals is no strangers to seasonal hair coloring trends. Here, we are looking at a few favorite fall colors for every skin tone and every style.


Think singular.

Ombres, balayage, highlights – the list goes on and on when it comes to adding depth with coloring. While these are beautiful options, sometimes the upkeep can be a bit tiring. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to consider turning to a solid color. Super easy and minimal upkeep make this choice the ultimate in stunning fall time relaxation.


Deep Auburn

One of our ultimate fall favorites year after year is auburn. Not only is this color on par with the changing of the seasons, but it matches beautifully with nearly every skin tone. However, bright reds and coppers – not so much, which is why we are loving the deep auburn shades of 2021. The perfect combination of depth and warmth makes this a show-stopping color any day of the week.


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Yes, you read that right. While most people think of highlights and warm creamy blonde as a summer look, think again. On track with everything 2021, blonde is keeping right up at the forefront of the hottest hair coloring trends for the fall season. However, dipping a bit away from the bright summer blonde, this is the season to warm things up with a bit of a softer golden tone.


Black is back.

If dramatic is what you seek, the deep shades of black may be your solution. Besides, this is a color that provides the ultimate transition from summer to fall color with superior root coverage. Looking for depth? Talk to your colorist about adding undertones of blue or purple.


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When it comes to seasonal hair coloring, Aidan James Salon in Nashua, NH, has your look covered. From the warmest blondes to the deepest shades of black, our professionals will provide you with the ultimate look that is sure to have heads turning.


Contact Aidan James Salon today to make your fall coloring appointment (603) 598-0795.