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With life getting back to normal, stress levels are also on the rise. Let’s face it, living in New England, there aren’t many ways around this one. However, with a quick trip to your favorite spa in Amherst, NH – Aidan James Salon (of course), you can leave the stress behind. If only temporary, there are several benefits of setting this time aside for yourself.

Here’s a look.


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Since we’re already on the topic, let’s talk about stress. Stress hormones are the same ones that trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response – heart racing, tense muscles, your body is anything but relaxed. While this response is intended for defense, having it occur day after day can cause serious health risks.

  • Tension headaches onset by high levels of stress. Never had one? Consider yourself lucky!
  • The all too well-known insomnia. Often, when stress levels are high, people find it difficult to fall asleep. And, when you do sleep, it’s generally not the well-rested sleep the body requires.
  • In times of uncertainty, weakened immune systems are the last thing you want. With long-term stress, studies have found your body’s defense system lowers, leaving you susceptible to more than you bargained for.



When you think of a spa, what are the services that pop into mind? Most likely, you’re envisioning massages and treatments a plenty. While this is undoubtedly true, some spas like ours at Aidan James Salon also offer specific services to ensure you’re feeling and looking your best!

With services like waxing, lash extensions, and targeted facials – like acne treatment facials – we can help bring that confidence back. Remember, you are beautiful! Just sometimes, we need a little TLC to remind ourselves that.


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Setting time aside for yourself should never be a compromise. Your health, and your confidence, always come first! As the number one spa in Amherst, NH, our professionals at Aidan James Salon are here to help you feel and look your best. From anti-aging facials to dermaplaning, lash extensions to makeup application, whatever you need, we have you covered! For more information on the extensive spa services offered, please contact us at 603.598.0795.