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Regardless of the products and daily routine you put your locks through, nearly everything subjects your hair to damage. Thus, dull, lifeless, flat, or a frizzy head of hair becomes inevitable at some point. However, as the number one hair salon in Amherst, NH, our professionals at Aidan James Salon are here to fill you in on a few secrets.

While damage happens, it certainly doesn’t need to be the end of the world. Instead, educating yourself with the most common causes of hair damage and how to prevent them often proves worthwhile! Here is a look at the top three damaging factors.


Ultraviolet lights are here just in time for summer!

Summer is here, which means people are heading outdoors. And while we are right along with you, it’s important to recognize how UV rays affect your hair. Prolonged exposure to the sun has been shown to damage the hair’s cuticle. This damage may result in discoloration, dry or brittle strands, thinning, frizz, and split ends. No thanks.

While the best way to avoid this type of damage is to keep your hair protected with a stylish sunhat, it’s not always an option. When the latter happens, it’s always best to take the extra step to invest in protective products. For example, leave-in conditioners generally provide ample SPF and other desirable, protective ingredients.


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Heat damage doesn’t only come from the sun.

You’ve heard it before, but we’re here to remind you – your styling tools may be doing more damage than good! Sure, we all love the result achieved by these tools, but sometimes, you just need to give your hair a break! Your hair naturally produces oils and proteins that flat irons and blow dryers strip away. With the below actions, you can prevent some of the unnecessary damage.

  • Flat irons and other straighteners are for dry hair only.
  • Use the lowest temperature possible. Sure, the result may take a bit longer to achieve, but your hair will thank you in the end.
  • Remember, you get what you pay for. Skipping over the higher priced tool is not always the best option.
  • Protect, protect, and protect some more. Before, during, and after – be sure to use products that protect your hair from direct heat.


Somethings we just can’t control.

While protecting your hair from UV rays and heating tools is attainable, sometimes this just isn’t the case. For example, let’s talk about environmental factors. Your hair feels the effects of items like hard water, high pollution levels, and chemical exposure. Going from the hot, hazy outdoors of summer into an air-conditioned environment is another typical example. So, while many of these things are out of our control, it’s again important to recognize and invest in your hair.


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With regular visits to your favorite hair salon in Amherst, NH – Aidan James Salon, of course, our experts can help keep your hair looking its best. From hot summer days to dry winter ones, we have the experience, expertise, and tools you need for healthy hair! For the best summer hair you’ve ever had, schedule your appointment today with Aidan James Salon. Contact us at 603.598.0795.