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As the number one hair salon in NH, our stylists at Aidan James Salon understand the need for change, especially this year. With a daunting 2020 nearly behind us, many people are searching out a refresher – and what better way than to pamper yourself with a new color!

With a fresh new look, you can brush away the winter blues and dazzle your family over the holiday season. However, it’s okay if you are a bit out of touch with the latest trends; that’s what you have us for!! If you’re thinking about a new color, you’ll want to check out the ideas below that are sure to refresh and leave the ugly days of 2020 behind!

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Cold days call for hot chocolate

As a means to warm the soul, satisfy a sweet tooth, or a passageway back to childhood, a steamy cup of cocoa is a must during the cold winter days. And, incorporating this beloved winter beverage into your beauty regimen is just what this year is calling for. Deep shades of browns stand out brilliantly against the white backdrop, making heads turn as you pass by!

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It’s the season of red, so go with it

As a staple during the Christmas holiday, the color red is everywhere. So, why not embrace the season and dare to go as red as your heart desires! While you may consider rich hues of red as a fall color, nothing is as it “should” be this year. Whether you opt for deep dark hues or brilliant reds, there is no going wrong during the 2020 winter season.

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Perhaps, a touch of platinum for the new year is what you need

Perfect for winter, summer, and fall, platinum is always a winner in our books! If you need a change, but you’re quite sure about the trends of the season, it may be time to step outside the comfort zone and wow your friends with something unexpected. However, we get that platinum is a bit too much change for some. Instead, consider a toasted coconut for the fresh new exciting look that you are craving!

At Aidan James Salon and Spa, we have the colors you are craving. To schedule your consultation at the best hair salon in NH, contact our stylists today at (603) 598-0795, or click here to schedule your appointment online.