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With the New Year comes new trends that we have to keep up with and follow. However, we know that some of you set New Year’s resolutions without the intention of actually fulfilling them. Yeah, we know about that. But this is ok, because we are here to help you with exactly that. The best salon in New Hampshire, Aidan James Salon, is looking at some of the top 2021 hair trends. So hot, we expect to see this further in 2022.

Layers and Shaggy Cuts

This hair trend made a recent comeback in the fall of this year, and we’re here for it. Celebrity hairstylist commented to Glamour that, “This style helps add movement and softness to any haircut. We know that many love the idea of adding dimension to their hair. Since this style adds dramatic layers that frame the face nicely, this is another style we anticipate to stay in 2022.”


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A Cropped Cut

Cropped cuts, also known as pixie cuts, were among the most popular haircuts in 2021. For those wanting an easy and manageable style, this one could be right for you! It is edgy, cute, and without a doubt, feminine. While it doesn’t seem the timeless cut is going anywhere anytime soon, we would love to see more women make the big chop this year. 

Natural or Ethnic Hair

We have seen a steady incline in women embracing their ethnic hair in the last few years. Many, such as Aaron Grania, co-founder of IGK Hair, thank the pandemic for leading us to a world with more natural hair stylings. As well, it’s stated that “Life drastically changed after many months of quarantine, and so did our habits, routines, and priorities. We’re learning to embrace our truest selves — This means embracing our natural color and texture” (via Cosmopolitan).


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Trying a New Color (Specifically, Pink Hair) 

Pink isn’t just for Wednesdays; it’s for 2022 as well! This can be something to try if you take the “New Year, new me” seriously. As Forbes coined it, “Pandemic Pink Hair is trending.” Whether you are considering just a splash of pink or are feeling adventurous enough to take the giant leap, Aiden James Salon is here for it. 


Changing it up at the best salon in New Hampshire

Whether you want to change it up or stick to the status quo, our team at Aidan James Salon wants to make it happen. Our highly skilled team of stylists can help you create your new favorite looks of the new year. As the best salon in New Hampshire, we bring the latest trends to clients with sophistication and flair. 


Ready to change it up? Contact us today to book your appointment, and start your new year in style at the best salon in New Hampshire!