Colors, Shapes, and Everything In Between:  It’s Fall Manicure Time!

Colors, Shapes, and Everything In Between: It’s Fall Manicure Time!

With the changing of seasons, beauty trends also change. While one of the most common and noticeable of those changes is hair color, a NH manicure is a close second! As the cold weather creeps in and the fall colors emerge,  hot pinks, bright yellows, and neon everything are getting cozy on the shelf. Instead, deeper, more rich colors begin to trend. However, color is not the only trend when it comes to nails – shape matters too.

In 2020, we’ve seen various nail shapes emerge that were some of the least requested a mere year ago. In this article, we’re giving you the scoop on fall colors and shapes that are sure to have your nails looking their best!

Most requested fall colors

As the outdoor colors change, so do nails. When deciding on the perfect color to finish your manicure, think leaves. Soft reds, ­chocolately browns, plums, and burnt oranges bring out the season perfectly. However, 2020 is keeping the light blue of the sky in the loop too!

If you’re not quite ready for the jump into fall, consider toning down your favorite summer shade. For example, if your go-to was bright yellow, consider changing to a pale, matte yellow instead. This gradual change will appeal to your senses while preparing the mind for the transition!

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2020 trending nail shapes

While the square and rectangular nail gripped 2019, 2020 has quickly put those shapes in the past. Instead, coffin and almond shaped nails are the way to go! Which, if we may say, is perfect as it encompassing every personality.

Coffin-shaped nails work best on longer nails. Narrower than the almond, but not as pointed as the stiletto, coffin (or ballerina) nails shout unconventional confidence that women are loving. On the other side, the almond shaped nail works on both medium and long length nails. Filed along the sides, your nail professional will create a soft slope which resembles – you guessed it – the shape of an almond. If you’re looking for a feminine shape that provides length to the fingers, this shape is for you! Besides, it goes well any time of the year.

And there you have it; all you need to know for your next NH manicure at Aidan James Salon! Don’t be caught with unsightly nails, give our team a call today to schedule your appointment!

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